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Interpersonal Relationships With Clients & Contacts

Obviously maintaining marketing relationships with clients are among the most critical, if not the single most important, of all marketing essentials. It is the fee revenue generated from serving clients that allows us to continue to run our businesses and support ourselves and families.

More importantly, ongoing relationships with satisfied clients continues to be a critical source of repeat and referral business.

Of equal importance are effective relationships with network of contacts. Not only do these people refer others to us, they can be an invaluable source of marketing information and research.


Marketing Relationships With Suppliers

Not surprisingly, suppliers can, and often do, play an important role in professional services marketing. Engaged in the same market as we are, these people can offer unique insights and observations into developing trends. It’s like having another window or additional eyes and ears on your niche market.

Suppliers also represent ideal referral sources. It is not uncommon for potentially ideal clients to ask suppliers for referrals to professionals who provide services of the type they seek.

By maintaining effective relationships with suppliers, it is probable that these people will play an important role in the successful marketing of professional services.

Marketing Relationships With Competitors?

Believe it or not, there are three ways in which competitors can make a positive contribution to our marketing.

First, they can serve as a model of what to do, and just as important,what not to do in marketing. If you like any competitors’ marketing, there is no reason that you can’t modify it for your own use.

On the other hand, if competitors’ marketing is offensive or ineffective, what can you learn from their experience to apply the same same concept more effectively?

Competitors can also be referral sources. From time to time most professionals encounter situations in which they cannot help individual clients for one reason or another. There might be a conflict of interest, time pressures or perhaps the lack of expertise or appropriate resources. Regardless of the reason, competitors can and frequently do refer their clients to each other.


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