SEO Strategies & Techniques with New Updates

SEO Update 1

Check How Much Crowded is Any Store in Real Time with Google’s New “Crowd Control” Feature

Stay Updated Before You Go New Add-on Feature on Google Maps

Google has introduced a new additional feature as “Crowd Control” on Google Maps, which enables to have a real-time look at the locations you are planning to visit. So, you will be able to decide where and when to go accordingly.

This facility is applicable at your local restaurants, grocery store, pharmacy shop, supermarket, coffee shop, automobile servicing centre, and many others places.

SEO Update 2

Google Unveils “Visual Sitelinks”- Images in Sitelink Extensions for Mobile Search Ads

Google has Unvieled “Visual Sitelinks”- Images in Sitelink Extensions for Mobile Search Ads

After experimenting with image extensions in Adwords for a long time, Google has introduced this new feature in sitelink extensions, which is named as ‘Visual Sitelink’. In Google Ads sitelink extensions, now images will also appear along with the text. This feature will be spotted on mobile phones only in a swipeable carousel manner.

SEO Update 3:

Google and Bing Sitemap File Size Limit Increased from 10 MB to 50 MB

Google & Bing Sitemap File Size Limit Increased from 10 Mb to 50 Mb

Earlier the limit of sitemap file size was restricted to 10 MB only. But, Google and Bing have comprehended the difficulty of the websites with long URLs, so, they have increased the file size limit of sitemaps files by 400%.

Both the search engines have taken efforts to increase the file size limit of Sitemaps files, so that, one can upload the uncompressed version of Sitemaps up to 50 MB.

SEO Update 4 :M

Microsoft is all Set to Introduce Bing Ads Bot for Better Campaign Management

Want to Hire Virtual Account Manager for Bing Ads for FREE

Bing has come up with a new idea of giving every Bing Ads advertiser access to a virtual account manager. With the help of Microsoft, they are building a bot that will help the advertisers to manage their ad campaigns more effectively. This will assist the marketers in designing better ads.

SEO Update 5:

 Now Assign Audience Lists at Campaign Level in Google AdWords with “Audience Targeting”

add your desired audience in Google AdWords campaign ads at campaign level

A new strategical update in 2017 under Google AdWords, that is enabling advertisers to assign audience lists of his own choice at the very campaign level, instead of ad groups. Advertisers can now select desired audiences for different ads at Google AdWords. So, you can now do bid adjustments in bulk.

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